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Ben Folds with yMusic

Continuing a 20-year love affair with Australia, piano-pop innovator Ben Folds returns to Perth with New York’s critically acclaimed yMusic, performing interpretations of solo hits, Ben Folds Five favourites, and his new collaboration album, So There.

NPR heralded So There as “the most lovable piece of music I’ve ever heard from Ben Folds” while The Guardian wrote “for the new tracks with yMusic, the textures of the ensemble instruments – string trio, flute, clarinet, trumpet – are not ornamentally grafted on the music: they are the music.”

I’m looking forward to bring our new LIVE show to Australia,” Folds said.  “For me, returning to Australia is like coming home, where I have deep roots and feel such a strong connection to audiences.”

Bringing his lyrical wit, hooks and harmony to a new suite of “chamber rock” songs, the 49-year-old draws upon yMusic’s singular makeup; an ambitious sextet who have performed with the likes of Beck, Jose Gonzalez and Dirty Projectors.  Imbuing lead single ‘Phone in a Pool’ with drunken strings that skew its AM radio heart, Folds has met his musical match with sweeping results.

Returning to the country that has championed him since the beginning, Ben Folds will guide audiences through a career-spanning set featuring new songs, re-arranged classsics, and perhaps a little profanity and crowd participation.  

Approx. 2 hours.  

Full Time Students, Pension Card Holders, Senior Card Holders, Children 16 & Under, Unemployed (Health Care Card)

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