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Perth Concert Hall recommends that patrons bring their own booster seats (e.g. for young children and very short patrons) seat if required. No booster seats are available from Perth Concert Hall.


Cloaking is available at no charge from the Front of House desk in the Ground Floor Foyer (Level 1).


For family events, designated pram parking areas will be created. Please ask front of house staff for assistance when you arrive.


Access to all levels of Perth Concert Hall and the carpark is available from the foyers.


The closest public telephone is located outside 10 St Georges Terrace, Perth.


Toilets are located on all foyer levels. A universal access toilet is located on the Ground Floor (Level 1). The Universal Access Toilet also features a baby change facility.


Free water stations are located on all foyer levels of Perth Concert Hall:

  • Ground Floor (Level 1): Wardle Room – western side of bar
  • Ground Floor (Level 1): Near western window across from box office
  • Terrace Level (Level 2)
  • Lower Gallery (Level 3)
  • Upper Gallery (Level 4)

 Venue Map - Ground Floor (Level 1)

Perth Concert Hall Venue Map Level 1 Ground Floor

Please note: Baby change facilities are available both in the Female Toilet and the Universal Access Toilet on the Ground Floor level (Level 1).


Venue Map - Terrace Level (Level 2)

Perth Concert Hall Venue Map Level 2 Terrace Level

Venue Map - Lower Gallery (Level 3)

Perth Concert Hall Venue Map Level 3 Lower Gallery



Venue Map - Upper Gallery (Level 4)

Perth Concert Hall Venue Map Level 4 Upper Gallery


Section drawings of Perth Concert Hall

Perth Concert Hall venue sections