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The Perth Concert Hall has several on-site instruments and accessories that may be used by performers. Below are some of the instruments that are available:

pch piano 1

Steinway Grand Pianos

Perth Concert Hall operates four Steinway Concert Grand Piano's Model D 9ft. This majestic musical instrument is the overwhelming choice to the world's greatest pianists. This piano will completely satisfy those who desire the highest possible level of musical expression.

pipe organ

Pipe Organ

The organ contain over 3,000 pipes of which 66 are visible from the auditorium and are constructed of zinc and tin. The organ was installed for the opening of the Hall in January 1973 and was designed by Ronald Sharp of Mortadale, NSW.

pch harpy 1


Our house harpsichord was made by Michael Johnson Harpsichords at St Andrew's Studio. It is a Double Manual Harpsichord based on the 1763/83 Goermans/Taskin at Edinburgh.

Special Notes

Under no circumstances is there to be any direct contact with the strings or main plate of any of our Pianos or Harpsichord with human fingers or any other item!

If the repertoire to be played includes any of the above as a requirement or improvisation, Perth Concert Hall reserves the right to substitute an alternate piano at our absolute discretion. If prior notice of any such requirement is not provided, post-event repair charges will apply.