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Functions Gallery

Here is just a small taste of the type of functions you can host at Perth Concert Hall! 

WASO Last Night at the Proms Corporate Function, July 2016

Lounge175x262 Program175x262 CakeStand175x262 Bubbles175x262

Scott Park Homes, December 2015

HSPCH 56 Web HSPCH 50 Web
 HSPCH 99 Web  HSPCH 122 Web


Perth International Arts Festival 2016 Program Launch, November 2015

2016 Festival Program Launch Web 51small 2016 Festival Program Launch Web 110small
2016 Festival Program Launch Web 98small 2016 festival program launch web 81 370 247
 Images by Jason Eshraghian.  


Melissa & Kristian's Wedding, 2015

IMG 321 IMG 350
IMG 340 IMG 404
IMG 522 IMG 483


Pre-Concert Function: WASO's Sarah Chang Plays Bruch, March 2015

Balcony function 370x247 Wait Staff 370x247
Cucumber and Beetroot small Pies small Thai Beef Salad small Strawberry and Blueberry small
Images by Emma van Dordrecht.