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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Classical Music

There’s a lot to love about classical music: its rich history, its ability to convey a wide range of emotions, the awe-inspiring power of an orchestra... 

But did you know there are also some reported health benefits of listening to classical music? Here are some of the ways that classical music can have a positive impact on your body. 


WASO Thank You Concert 2020, Matt JelonekWASO Thank You Concert 2020
Photography: Matt Jelonek


It can improve sleep. The amount and quality of sleep you get can have a profound impact on your overall health. An incredible benefit of classical music is that it can help you get a better night’s sleep. One study, which examined the effects of music on students with sleeping problems, found that participants who listened to classical music at bedtime showed a significant improvement in sleep quality compared with those who listened to audiobooks or nothing at all. So next time you’re having trouble getting to sleep, ditch the true crime podcast and listen to some Bach!

It can decrease blood pressure. High blood pressure, which is exacerbated by stress and can lead to heart disease, is a concern for many Australians. In addition to making necessary lifestyle changes, people with high blood pressure may find listening to classical music helpful in keeping their blood pressure under control. A study conducted by Oxford University found that participants who listened to classical music, such as Mozart and Strauss, had significantly lower blood pressure levels than those that listened to pop, jazz, or no music. 

It can help relieve pain. A surprising health benefit of classical music is that it can have a natural analgesic effect on listeners! One study that analysed the effect of music on people with chronic pain found that participants who listened to classical music felt less pain, depression, and disability and more power than those who didn’t. The conductors of the study encouraged nurses to teach their patients how to use music to manage their pain and boost their mood.  

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